Why Save Canada Post

Cutting service is unnecessary

Ending home delivery is totally unnecessary. The financial situation of Canada Post Corporation does not require such drastic service cutbacks. In the second quarter of 2014 the Canada Post Corporation reported $62 million in profit. In fact, it has reported profits in 17* of the past 19 years.

Canada Post's five-point plan is unfair

Forcing people to walk or drive to a community mailbox to receive their mail will cause real hardship for many persons with disabilities and restricted mobility. These cuts, and the postage rate hike, create hardship for the most vulnerable segment of the population.

There are alternatives

Instead of reducing services, Canada Post should follow the example of other countries and use its enormous retail network and its decades of experience in banking to expand into financial services.

Together We Can Stop This!

In the past, public opposition has successfully stopped Canada Post management from making unnecessary service reductions. In the 1980s, postal management devised a plan to close thousands of post offices. Public pressure eventually forced the newly elected government to place a moratorium on the closures In 1994.

Canada Post belongs to all of us, and is accountable to our federal government. We deserve public consultation before changes are made to our public services.

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(*Canada Post adopted new accounting rules in 2013 and restated their 2012 financial results as a loss)

Save Canada Post